Everything has been SOLD OUT. 

Because there was such an interest, I will plan on making another limited batch availble sometime in the next couple months. Thank you guys so much!

I’ve been working on this project for the past few months. I decided I would sell these through my tumblr on more of a word-of-mouth basis since the initial batch is so small. I’ve only made 25 of each item. If I get a good enough response from these, I’ll consider making more.

Each necklace is adorned with a half-moon shaped piece of a real butterfly wing, which glows when the light hits it.


Pendant-$38  SOLD OUT

Ring- $15 SOLD OUT

Print-$30 SOLD OUT

3 item bundled set-$75


Story: I based this collection of items off a ghost. A bored friend and I where tampering around with an old Ouija board of mine one night with nothing to do. Then we actually started getting some coherent responses to the questions we were reading out loud. She said for us to call her ‘Cybil’. She confessed to us a little bit about her life. She talked about the things most precious to her. About her pet lamb that had been sent to slaughter, the old woods around her home, and the night she burned in her bed. She talked about standing in my hallway at night. She talked about how the moths liked to flutter around and land on her in the dark. The same flame that burned her in her bed attracts the moths at night. I thought I might share a piece of Cybil with you. That way, if you wear this little flame charm around your neck, the moths might quietly dance around you.


Details: The pendant is on a 27” chain. It measures about 1.5” tall. Ring measures about 1” in diameter, adjustable. Base metals so they should be kept from getting wet. Print is 8”x8” on textured watercolor, archival paper, signed.

With each piece being hand-crafted by me, individual pendants or rings may have minute bubbles in the resin, though, not noticeable enough to be distracting from the piece itself.

PayPal is preferred. Make a note in your email to me if you would rather pay in other forms.

Shipping within the U.S. $3, international $6

Due to how small the run is, first come, first serve.